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Hit Great Volleys With Flawless Technique

Dominate At The Net With Great Positioning And Footwork

Learn How To Hit Effective Approach Shots

All Of That With Step-By-Step Easy To Follow Instructions

Get Rid Of All The Confusion And Conflicting Advice

Receive My Upcoming Serve & Volley Video Series As A Bonus

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Marcus A Katz, Asheville, North Carolina

"Florian did a video analysis of my volleys and one simple tip resulted in an impressive improvement. I now hit my volleys with a lot more depth and penetration which allows me to get better position at the net!"

2 National Junior Champions In 3 Years

My unique instructional system also led me to develop 2 national junior champions within 3 years here in Germany! In 2010 my student Carina Witthöft won the Under 16 National Championships just 3 months after we completely rebuild her technique with the same system that you learn about inside the course!

In 2012 my student Sonja Larsen won the Under 18 National German Championships also just a few months after we completely rebuild her technique with the same system that you will learn inside the course! Here you can see me with Sonja:

Our Interactive Video Courses Are Proven To Work!

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Course Content

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Tom Westberg, Gurnee, Illinois

“I purchased Florian's forehand, backhand and serve blueprint and with the help of these courses I was able to take my level from 3.5 to a solid 4.5. My forehand has transformed from a deficiency into a weapon in the process. I highly recommend Florian's video courses!
“Without the technical improvements that I made with Florian over the last several months, I would not have won the German National Under 18 Championships!
I now even feel comfortable up at the net and know how to finish off points with solid volleys!"

Sonja Larsen, Bremen, Germany

Dear Passionate Tennis Player,
Do you keep seeing situations on the tennis court where you know you should come to the net but you do not because you are afraid or just do not have the confidence to do it ?
Maybe you even force yourself to come forward sometimes, only to then fail miserably because you simply do not have the skills to execute at the net. 
I used to be in that situation and it made me extremely mad!
It is a terrible feeling when you setup a great point, either with a good baseline shot or an excellent serve, and then do not convert that point on the easiest shot up at the net!
Not being able to finish points at the net is one of the biggest holes you can have in your game!
Close tennis matches are decided by just a few points here and there.
If you can win only 5 points more per set on average because you come to the net and finish points with great volleys, then you will win most of the close matches that you are still losing today!
I am excited to tell you that we can fix this together and you can win a lot more matches by becoming a great net player!
In fact the best news is that improving your volleys and net game in general is actually a lot easier than improving your groundstrokes or your serve for example!
So now you may be thinking: if volleys are so simple how come I was never able to develop a great net game ?
Here's why ...

The 2 Major Reasons Why You Have Not Had The Success You Want With Your Volleys And Net Game:

#1 - You MUST Work With Progressions
The first reason is that you have to work with progressions to improve your technique or any aspect of your game! It is impossible to make any significant improvements to your net game without going through step-by-step progressions that isolate your individual problems and then guide you to correct them one step at a time!
What does this mean?
You have to slow things down significantly, usually with shadow swings where you are not even hitting a ball, and then fix your particular problems with step-by-step progressions rather than trying to fix things while playing at full speed!
Almost no tennis player ever practices like this and that’s why most players remain stuck at their level!
#2 - Standard Tennis Lessons Are Doomed To Fail
The second reason you have not really improved your net game is that standard tennis lessons are doomed to fail! If you have taken tennis lessons to improve your net game, then most likely your coach stood next to you and told you what you are doing wrong and what you should work on to improve.
Possibly he also stood in front of you demonstrating what proper execution should look like.
Throughout this process he most likely told you some standard volley tips like “punch the volley”, “swing downward to slice the ball”, or maybe even something really bad like ”swing across the body instead of forward”
Not only are these standard volley tips flat out wrong, but even more importantly we now know that learning with verbal instructions like this is simply not effective and that’s why you are not improving your net game with those typical tennis lessons!
In order to improve you first need to see what you are doing wrong and what you should be doing instead.
Visual instruction is a lot more effective than verbal instruction!


How I Figured Out The Secrets To Net Game Improvements And Why That Matters To You

There is a lot more money involved in golf instruction and as a result there are more smart people taking a scientific approach to studying and teaching the game.
I went to see German golf instructor Oliver Heuler who is well-known for developing a revolutionary golf instruction video system that Tiger Woods ended up using
This in combination with two other extremely powerful teaching concepts that I learned about from Oliver completely transformed my tennis teaching.
I was getting good results before but now students are usually making major breakthroughs in just one lesson!
Lessons are a lot more fun now and today my greatest pleasure is helping tennis players achieve breakthroughs with their game.
I also realized that I can help thousands of tennis players via the Internet and that is how Online Tennis Instruction and Winning At The Net were born. 
Oliver opened my eyes to a whole new world of teaching, which I now call ball-flight oriented tennis teaching.
I Put 10 Years Of Obessive Research Into
The Winning At The Net Video Course
So You Could Have a Step By Step,
Tested and Proven System to
Develop A Great Net Game In 60 Days.


My Biggest Breakthrough However Came When I Started Studying Golf Instruction And How The Best Instructors In The World Teach Golf!

Rather Than Teaching Everyone The Same Technique, This Approach Identifies YOUR Biggest Problem And Comes Up With One Fix That Will Get You To Hit Better In A Very Short Period Of Time.

With Winning At The Net You Get A Tested and Proven Step-By-Step Video Course That Will FORCE You To Develop A Great Net Game in 60 Days!

Throughout this time I travelled around the world to meet the brightest minds in tennis instruction and I taught thousands of students at all levels.

My name is Florian Meier and I am a tennis teacher and researcher based in Munich, Germany. My greatest pleasure is helping tennis players maximize their potential!
About 12 years ago I was extremely frustrated with my tennis improvement. As a competitive player I wanted to do everything possible to become as good of a tennis player as I possibly could. 
The way I hit the ball simply did not feel right, especially on my net game, and I knew deep down that I was not getting anywhere despite endless hours of practicing my volleys!
The thought that kept coming up in my mind was: "How can I not improve when I spend so much time working on this. This just isn't right!"
I took lessons from many well-known coaches in Germany and even flew to the United States to take lessons from high caliber coaches. 
Yet I still did not improve my net game or any of my other strokes!
What really upset me was the fact that almost every time I asked a coach about WHY he was teaching certain things, I would not get a clear answer.
This went on for a few years and I got increasingly frustrated with the game.
At that point I made a decision that I would figure this problem out myself.
It turned out finding solutions was complicated because apparently the tennis instruction industry is not too fond of using logic and science yet!
It took me about 10 years of obsessive research and experimentation until I finally felt like I cracked the code on how you can best improve your net game and your volley technique in general!


I am a ranked 55-and-over player in the mid-west (USA) and I with bad technique over the past couple of years. I feel that your simple approach has really helped me to be more consistent and I now have 3 or 4 important checkpoints to focus on that really help me.
I had been searching for an anchor to help me improve my technique for years and I now found it with your online video courses!
 - Eric Nickeson 
Your video courses work! The one-handed backhand blueprint has transformed my backhand and I now practice my shadow strokes every day! I never really knew what it meant to get the racket low and the knees bent before your videos. Thanks! 
- Michael Best
The video on the unit turn helped immediately and I now hit much better shots. Thanks 
- Michael 
The one-handed backhand blueprint has been very helpful. The addition of a one-handed backhand has really helped my doubles game. Previously, the only option I had was a slice backhand. Now with the one-handed topspin backhand I'm able to do more and often am able to follow my shot into the net. Thanks! 
- Dana Frye
I really enjoy your video course. The last few times I played I have found myself hitting winners with precision and power that I did not think I had in me! Great instructions, thanks! 
- Samuel Harris
Your coaching system makes so much sense Florian. I am working on my technique with much success at the moment and wish I had started with you many years ago. Thanks! 
- Gerard Cullen 
I am very happy with the progress I made with your one-handed backhand blueprint course. My shots have more power and land closer to the baseline now. I actually joined both the forehand blueprint and the one-handed backhand blueprint and since then I won 4 out of my last 5 league matches which has been a very pleasant surprise! 
- Volker Potthast 
The online stroke analysis that came with the course was extremely helpful. I had never videotaped myself before and that alone was super helpful. I did not realize how little shoulder rotation i had and how low i took my racket back. Once I changed that it was so much easier to hit great shots. Thanks! 
- Tom Lantos

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Attention Ambitious Tennis Players Frustrated With Your Net Game...

Basic Volley Progressions

The progressive system is the unknown secret for technical improvements. This is the basis for developing a great net game and most likely you have never worked like this on your net game!

Florian Meier - Winning At The Net

To make this an absolutely unbelievable deal for you I also decided to add another bonus if you act today:

Serve & Volley Video Series
$47 Value

If you act today and join the winning at the net video course, you will also get my upcoming serve and volley video series as a free bonus!
With winning at the net you will develop excellent volley and net skills in general and starting to serve and volley is the logical next step. I will detail the secrets to serve and volley success in this video series and you will get free access once this new series gets released!

Volley Fundamentals

Here you will learn the fundamental body positions that all great net players have in common. Hitting great volleys is all about developing great fundamentals!

Florian Meier - Winning At The Net


There are lots of drills throughout the course and they are designed to FORCE you to develop great fundamentals without overthinking what you have to do!

Florian Meier - Winning At The Net

Common Problems And Fixes

Tennis players all over the world have the same common problems and here I show you simple step-by-step fixes for the most common net game problems.

Florian Meier - Winning At The Net

Approaching The Net

In order to be a great net player you have to hit effective approach shots that force your opponents to hit weak passing shots and that's what you will learn in this section!

Florian Meier - Winning At The Net

Net Strategy

In these videos we take a close look at net strategy and how the geometry of the court affects where you should position yourself in different situations

Florian Meier - Winning At The Net

Bonus Material

In the bonus section I talk about the right mindset for a great net game, what the differences are between hitting cross-court and down the line volleys and many other topics.

Florian Meier - Winning At The Net

Identify Your Biggest Net Game Problem And Come Up With A Fix That Will Get You To Be A Great Net Player In 60 Days
"Florian is a superb teacher with a clear passion for helping serious adult recreational players achieve technical excellence. As both a student who’s benefited enormously from his online video courses and as someone who's seen him in action teaching others on court, I've been struck by Florian's talent for translating authoritative knowledge into practical, step-by-step guidance that delivers fast results. The US Tennis Congress is deeply honored to have Florian as a member of our faculty."

PJ Simmons, US Tennis Congress Founder, www.ustenniscongress.com

Life Doesn't Come With Guarantees...
But the Winning At The Net Video Course Does!
(My 60-Day Develop A Great Net Game Or Your
Money Back Unconditional 100% Guarantee To Be Exact)


I know this is a bold statement, but I believe so much in the power of the winning at the net video course that I am willing to guarantee your results even with my time and money on the line!
If the course does not work for you for any reason, and you are not 100% satisfied within 60 days of purchase, simply email me and I will instantly refund 100% of your investment.
I only open registration to this course a few times per year because of the high amount of personal instruction involved. So don't miss this risk-free opportunity to finally develop a great net game!


Personalized Instruction

Plus Edition


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 Class Size Limited to 100 Students

Volley Technique & Footwork Videos

Strategy At The Net Videos

Approaching The Net Videos

Your Questions Answered Inside Membership Portal

Serve & Volley Bonus Videos

60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Master The Overhead Bonus Videos

1 Personalized Stroke Review ($300 value)

(Optional 3-pay available)

Premium Edition


For Do-It-Yourselfers

Highly Personalized Instruction



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 Class Size Limited to 30 Students

Volley Technique & Footwork Videos

Strategy At The Net Videos

Approaching The Net Videos

Your Questions Answered Inside Membership Portal

Serve & Volley Bonus Videos

60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Volley Technique & Footwork Videos

Strategy At The Net Videos

Approaching The Net Videos

Your Questions Answered Inside Membership Portal

Serve & Volley Bonus Videos

60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Master The Overhead Bonus Videos

2 Personalized Stroke Reviews ($600 value)


2x 15min. Skype/Phone Call With Me ($150 value)

Personalized Practice Plan

(Optional 3-pay available)

We Have A 94% Satisfaction Rate With 1,663 Students!

Keep in mind: Levels with personal stroke review and phone coaching options are only available for a limited number of students! 

60-day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee on All Programs

Three Different Levels, One To Match Your Unique Situation

I have decided to offer winning at the net at 3 different levels in order to best customize the product to your individual needs!

Winning At The Net Basic Edition: Over 50 instructional videos covering volley technique, footwork, strategy and approaching the net. All of your questions answered inside the membership portal Serve & Volley Bonus Video Series

The basic edition costs $97 and comes with a full 60 day 100% money back guarantee

Winning At The Net Plus Edition: Basic Edition + 1 Personalized Stroke Analysis ($300 value) + Mastering overhead basics bonus (The 2 essential components to great overheads!)

The plus edition costs $197 and comes with a full 60 day 100% money back guarantee

Winning At The Net Premium Edition: The premium edition is a high level personalized coaching program. Plus edition + 2x 15 minute skype/phone calls with me ($150 value) + Personalized Practice Plan According To Your Schedule And Needs + 1 Additional Personalized Stroke Analysis For A Total Of 2 Analyses ($300 value)

With 2 stroke analyses and the two 15 minute skype/phone calls you will receive a $750 value in personalized instruction as well as the full instructional video course for the price of just $397!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I know what level is best for me ?

A: If you are good at analyzing your own game, like to figure things out on your own and your budget is limited, then the basic plan is probably right for you. If you want personalized instruction that will significantly speed up your improvement, then the plus plan with a personalized stroke analysis is what I recommend. If you want to do everything possible to maximize your improvement and get as much personalized instruction as possible, then the premium edition is best for you.

Q: How does the personalized stroke analysis work ?

A: You can simply send me a video of yourself hitting volleys and I will analyze them for you. You can record it with your smartphone and an excellent app called coachseye (www.coachseye.com) or you can record it with any video device and simply send me the video file via email! I will then do a voice over video analysis and send it back to you within a few days!

Q: Are the videos downloadable?

A: Yes there is a download link underneath each video!

Q: Are the videos iphone/ipad and android compatible?

A: Yes, you can login to the membership portal with any of those devices and watch the videos.

Q: Is The Course Guaranteed To Work?

A: With this course you get a 60 day 100% money back guarantee. If at any time within 60 days of your purchase you are not completely satisfied with the course then you can ask me for a full refund, noquestions asked! I take a lot of pride in this guarantee and if you are not improving I really don't want your money!