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"How to Dominate Matches Using the Proven Formula Top Pros Like Federer, Nadal, and Djokovic Use
to Control Their Opponents"

Plus Our 90-Day "Control Matches" Or 100% Of Your Money Back Guarantee!

Here’s What You Will Learn With This Program:

Module 1: 
Win With Percentage Tennis

Percentage Tennis is the foundation for a winning game in singles. All winning tennis players play high percentage Tennis and with this module you will understand the most important concepts to play the percentages and win lots of matches!  

Here’s What You Will Learn

WithThis Program:

Some of the critical concepts you will discover about here are:

  • Consistency And Depth 
  • The 8 Foot Rule Of Thumb 
  • Geometry Of The Court 
  • The Neutral Rally Ball 
  • Buying And Stealing Time 
  • The Performace Chart
  • Common Mistakes At The Baseline
  • Optimal Positioning At The Baseline
  • Optimal Positioning At The Net

Gregg also talks about how to deal with pushers, how to create doubt in your opponent's mind and much more! 

The course consists of over 100 videos and all the videos are compatible and downloadable with your ipads/iphones/smartphones.

Fully Iphone/Ipad/Smartphone Compatible

Fully Iphone/Ipad/Smartphone


More Serve Power In 5 Min Per Day


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Add To Cart!
Add To Cart!


Plus Our 90-Day "Control Matches" Or 100% Of Your Money Back Guarantee! 

Total Control Tennis


Life Doesn't Come With Guarantees...
But "Total Control Tennis" Does!
 (My 90-Day "Control Matches"Or 100% Of Your Money Back Guarantee!


I know this is a bold statement, but I believe so much in the Total Control Tennis Video Course that I am willing to guarantee your results!
If the course does not work for you for any reason, and you are not 100% satisfied within 60 days of your purchase, simply send us an email and we will instantly refund 100% of your investment.


Improvement Guaranteed!
Florian's Guarantee:

Here’s What You Will Learn With This Program:

Module 1: More Serve Power Inside Practice

The videos consist of simple step-by-step progressions to master only the most critical elements of a good arm action on your serve!

You start by understanding how the arm needs to move in order to generate real power on your serve.

In module 1 OTI Instructor Gregg le Sueur teaches you how to master the all-important arm action on your serve in the comfort of your own home.

Here’s What You Will Learn With

This Program:

Then you work on it with lots of repetitions using shadow swings without the racket first before adding the racket.

In the next step you learn to combine the new arm movement with your toss. This is something

Gregg then moves on to show you how you can actually start hitting

that many players struggle with and Gregg has a solution for you!

while practicing inside. This way you can get the necessary repetitions in and make sure your brain stores the new movement while hitting a ball!

There are 9 practice sessions in total in this module and all can be practiced in the comfort of your own home!

Module 2: More Serve Power Wall Practice

Here you continue to optimize your service motion while hitting lots of balls.

You can hit against any type of wall or anywhere where you can hit serves without being on a tennis court.

Gregg walks you through a series of progressions so that you can master the arm action while hitting a real ball!

You will start with a half grip and half service motion. This makes it a lot easier to get the movements right!

Then you go on to practice with a full service motion while still focusing on the critical elements of the arm movement.

Practicing like this allows you to focus much better on the process of improving your mechanics because you won’t be worried about whether or not the ball went into the service box!

Once the arm action is fluid and works well Gregg shows you how to add the legs to your service motion again while maintaining that new arm action!

He discusses pinpoint stance and platform stance and shows you how to use either one of those two with your new arm action on the serve!

In the final steps of this module Gregg shows you how to take

things to the court and implement your new service motion correctly on the tennis court!

Bonus Module: More Serve Drills

Gregg is a creative guy when it comes to designing drills to help students master a great service motion. 
So he came up with 11 additional bonus drills to further help you reinforce the correct mechanics on your serve. 
These drills are designed to force you to master the most important technical elements of a great service motion. 
You can practice them at home or somewhere outside hitting against a wall for example.

Some of the elements you will focus on here are:

How to pronate properly on your serve

How to develop a loose arm on your serve

How to get contact right on the serve

How to stay balanced while serving

Florian Meier

Dear Singles Player, 

If you’re ready to start dominating your singles matches using the same proven methods used by top pros like Federer, Nadal, and Djokovic, then you’re going to want to read every word on this page. 

Are you sick and tired of losing matches you know you should win? 

You start out confident in your game and in your ability to beat your opponent, but then you lose a point, and another one, and eventually you ask yourself: 

“Why am I losing again to this player I know I should beat?” 

Your opponent attacks your weaknesses over and over and you can’t find a way out. 

Here’s how you flip the tables and start applying pressure to your opponents inch by inch until you’re in total control of the match. 

OTI Instructor Gregg le Sueur’s new singles strategy course “Total Control Tennis” shows you how the top players in the world control their matches…just like a boxer…slowly wearing down their opponents until they go for the knockout. 

The magic formula for this is: 

Jab, Jab, Jab + A Right Hook = Total Control 

Total Control Tennis will show you how to setup your jabs in a systematic way until you can finish off the point with an easy right hook. 

Using this proven method top pros use, you can control the match while only taking high percentage shots. … 

Module 2: 
Smart Decisions Made Simple

Selecting the right shot at the right time is critical to your tennis success. As you may have already seen in the free video we divide the court into 3 zones: Red Zone, Yellow Zone, and Green Zone. 

The optimal selection of your shots is determined by where you are positioned on the court and what kind of ball you are dealing with.  

Here’s What You Will Learn With

This Program:

In this module Gregg explains concepts like:

  • Red, Yellow, Green
  • The 7 Target Zones
  • Targets From The Red Zone
  • Targets From The Yellow Zone
  • Targets From The Green Zone
  • The All-Important Control Zone
  • Targets For Passing Shots
  • Targets For Drop Shots
  • Targets For The Return
  • How To Simplify Your Decisions

Module 3:
The Red Zone - Dominate From The Baseline

There are a lot of different situations you can be in in each of the three zones. 

So here Gregg goes into depth on decision making in the red zone. He explains the concepts and then shows you how to train on the court so that these critical decisions become automatic.  

Here’s What You Will Learn With

This Program:

Some of the concepts covered are:

  • Common Mistakes
  • Defensive Shots In The Red Zone
  • Progressions For Defensive Shots
  • Neutral Shots In The Red Zone
  • Progressions For Neutral Shots
  • Offensive Shots In The Red Zone
  • Progressions For Offensive Shots
  • Combining Defensive, Neutral, Offensive
  • DNO Live Ball Drills
  • Going Behind Your Opponent
  • Ghosting Or The Sneak Attack

Module 4: 
The Yellow Zone - Approaching Effectively

The yellow zone is a transition area where the average player makes poor decisions and loses a lot of points. 

You want to move quickly through this area with the goal of getting into a good volleying position in the green zone! 

When you hit good shots from the red zone you will usually get a ball into the yellow zone. If you don’t master the yellow zone you can lose a lot of points despite dominating your opponent from the red zone! 

This area is under-practiced at the club level, but soon you can be a master of it with Gregg’s simple drill progressions!  

Here’s What You Will Learn With

This Program:

Some concepts covered are:

  • Common Mistakes
  • Targets When Hitting In The Yellow Zone
  • A Common Grip Mistake
  • Forehand Approach Shots & Footwork
  • Forehand Approach Progression
  • Backhand Approach Shots
  • Backhand Approach “Hit Hop” Footwork
  • Backhand Approach “Under” Footwork
  • The Approach Volley
  • Forehand Approach Volley
  • Backhand Approach Volley
  • Approach Shot Basket Drills
  • Approach Shot Volley Drills

Module 5: 
The Green Zone - How To Finish Points

The green zone is where you put your opponent away. 

Messing up in the yellow zone is frustrating but messing up in the green zone is devastating. 

When you are in the green zone you are in the best position on the court and should win a large majority of the points!  

Here’s What You Will Learn With

This Program:

Some crucial concepts covered are: 

  • When To Change Direction
  • Drop Shot Variations
  • Targets Based On Proximity
  • Developing Confidence At Net
  • Quick Volley Drills
  • Volley Tug Of War Drill
  • Volley Corridor Drill
  • One Up One Back Drill
  • Covering Lobs
  • Covering Lob Drills
  • Closing The Net Drills

Module 6: 
Jab & Attack - Pressuring Your Opponent 

After mastering shot selection in the 3 zones you now start to think like a boxer instead of a tennis player. You’ll set your opponent up and put them away just like the best players in the world.  

Instead of going for difficult winners, you setup winning shot combinations where you slowly but surely put pressure on your opponent until your opponent makes a mistake. 

This is how pros like Federer, Nadal, and Djokovic win their matches, but it’s often a foreign concept to the average club-level player.  

Here’s What You Will Learn With

This Program:

Some of Gregg’s groundbreaking concepts here are:

  • Using The “Jab, Faint & Finish” To Control The Point
  • Weak, Weaker, Weakest or “Jab, Setup, Combo”
  • Weak, Weaker, Weakest In A Cross-Court Rally
  • Weak, Weaker, Weakest From A Neutral Position
  • Turning defense into offense
  • The “Serve And Return Setup”
  • The “Go Right At Them Setup”

In this module you will learn how to put pressure on opponents little by little until your opponent gives you an opening. You have them on the ropes and they make an error or such a weak shot that it’s easy for you to win the point.  

Module 7: 
Total Control - Take Full Control Of Your Matches 

In order to take total control of the match you need one more thing: You need to know how to setup your favorite patterns where you can keep the pressure on your opponent. 

This allows you to take advantage of your own strengths and weaknesses along with your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses.  

Here’s What You Will Learn With

This Program:

Some of the crucial concepts covered here are:

  • The 3 Strike Zones
  • Forehand High And Deep
  • Forehand Loop Pattern
  • Forehand Slice Down The Line
  • Backhand High And Deep
  • Backhand Loop
  • Backhand Low And Short Cross-Court
  • Inside-Out Forehand To Backhand
  • The 1-2 slice combo
  • Positioning For Forehand Domination
  • Approaching On Weak Serves
  • Your Most Effective Return Strategy
  • Your Most Effective Serve Strategy
  • The Serve Wide And Glide Setup

After this module you will be able to quickly determine which patterns work best for you against your opponent. You will be the one systematically in control of the match!  


How to Dominate the 9 Most Difficult Opponents At Your Club 

If you ever struggle against specific types of opponents, then you will find out how to beat these types of players in these bonus videos! 

Gregg teaches you proven winning strategies against:

1. Pushers 
2. Serve and volleyers 
3. Aggressive baseliners 
4. Net Rushers 
5. Aggressive returners 

6. Big servers 
7. Big forehand hitters 
8. Counter punchers  
9. Hackers and slicers  

Serve & Volley Secrets 

Serve & Volley can be one of the most effective strategies in singles at the club level. In order to serve & volley effectively though you need to be very good at several things that I teach in my serve & volley secrets bonus video series. 

This bonus will make you a more complete singles player and give you the tools to beat many more types of opponents.  

You will learn:

  • When and how often to serve and volley
  • Where To Hit Your Serve
  • How To Serve
  • How To Toss For Serve & Volley
  • How To Master The First Volley
  • Serve & Volley Footwork
  • The Serve & Volley Mentality  

You will also get 3 bonus videos where I break down a serve & volley training session with one of my students. See how I teach serve and volley live on the court!  

BONUS #3: How Champions Win Matches 

Strategy can be broken down almost into a science and that’s exactly what Gregg does with Total Control Tennis. 

Another component for winning lots of matches is competing well. 

This is a little more difficult to teach but Gregg gives you his best tips in these bonus videos.  

Here You will learn: 

  • How to reduce pressure in tournaments
  • How to scout your opponent in the warm-up
  • How to construct an entire set
  • The 20-30 min tactical training warm-up 
    Gregg uses with his players
  • The Serve, Return + 2 drill  
Life Doesn't Come With Guarantees...
But "Total Control Tennis" Does!
 (My 90-Day "Control Matches"Or 100% Of Your Money Back Guarantee!


Total Control Tennis also comes with our standard 90-day no questions asked money back guarantee!
Try out the program, go through the modules and apply all of the drills. 
If you don’t agree that this systematic process will put you in control of your matches, just let us know, and we will give you 100% of your money back! 
So go ahead and click the add to cart button right now so we can get you started on your way to total control in your matches! 


Improvement Guaranteed!
Florian's Guarantee: