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Essentially you can try out this groundbreaking video program and see if it results in you playing winning aggressive doubles without any risk!


Registration is only open for a few days so make sure you don't miss this risk-free opportunity to develop a winning aggressive doubles game!


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Module 1: Technique Quick Fixes

Clean Up Your Volleys: With a few minor tweaks we will get you to hit clean volleys so that you don't have to muscle the ball with your arm anymore!

In this module we will clean up your technique on the most important shots for doubles. These shots are: The serve, your volleys and overheads, and the return of serve.

Fix Your Weak Backhand Volley: A weak backhand volley is probably the most common problem holding club level players back from playing aggressive at the net in doubles. I will show you exactly how to fix this step-by-step!

Cover Lobs With Great Overheads: Here I show you 2 key concepts for the overhead, which will result in you covering most lobs with ease and hitting your overheads with more power!

Serve Fixes: With 2 simple concepts you will make your serve more effective specifically for doubles. I will also show you the most effective serve variations and locations for doubles and how to hit them consistently.

Hit Clean Returns: In doubles you can return effectively without having perfect return technique. You just need to get the most important elements right and then your returns will work well in doubles!

Module 2: Doubles Strategy

In this module we cover winning aggressive doubles strategy. With the technical skills from Module 1, it will be a lot easier for you to execute these kinds of aggressive plays and win points at the net!

Fix Your Weak Backhand Return: A weak backhand return is very common and devastating for your doubles game. Good opponents will exploit this over and over and I show you how to fix this quickly!

Module 3: Practice Drills

In this module I show you how you can practice essential doubles skills with just one practice partner. So you and your doubles partner can simulate all the situations you want to work on! You can also execute most of these drills by yourself with shadow movements!

Module 4: Strategic Adjustments

In doubles it is often important to adjust your strategy depending on what partner you play with and what the strengths and weaknesses of the opposing team are.

We cover these adjustments in depth in this module. Topics covered are:

Exploiting Opponent's Weaknesses

Dealing With Lobbers

How To Play Against Passive Baseliners

How To Play Against Aggressive Net Rushers

Playing With A Weak Partner

More to come based on your feedback!

IMPORTANT: I want your feedback for this module. After registration closes we will ask all students what specific problems you have and then i will make answer videos on the common problems.

As a result this module will be released 2 weeks after we close registration to the course!

Smart Doubles Strategy: Discover how to play an aggressive doubles game and especially how to win points by getting both player up to the net in doubles!

Positioning: Discover where you need to stand in doubles. With this knowledge you and your partner will stand in the right position at the right time, which will make it very difficult for opponents to pass you!

Poaching Drill: This poaching drill gives you the chance to work on the essential elements of a great poach. Master the footwork as well as the timing with lots of repetitions!

Poaching: In order to be a great doubles player, you have to poach on a regular basis. We cover the 3 types of poaches and how you can use them to win easy points at the net!

The 4 Roles In Doubles: Here I show you what your responsibilities are when you are: the server, the server's partner, the returner, or the returner's partner. You will know exactly what to do and how to behave!

Serve And Volley: With this drill you can practice serve and volley specifically for doubles and once again get lots of repetitions in so you can prepare for the real doubles match!

Moving As A Team: In doubles it is crucial that you move as a team with your partner. This is often a major problem at the club level and with this drill you can fix this issue!

Here's How You Will Improve Your Doubles Game

Feedback From Clinic Participants

"One Tip Fixed My Weak Backhand Volley!"

I was very excited to see how one simple tip improved my weak backhand volley and then as a result I was able to be much more aggressive at the net with my positioning and general strategy. 

Overall my doubles game improved a lot in just 2 hours!

- Klaus Bogenberger

Individual Results May Vary

Individual Results May Vary


Bonus #1: Doubles Clinic

Watch how I show these 4 club players the most important aspects of winning aggressive doubles play. We cover the serve game as well as the return game in this clinic!

A few weeks ago I ran a 2-hour live doubles clinic here in Munich, Germany with 4 club level players like yourself. The entire clinic was filmed by a camera crew and you get the clinic footage as a bonus for signing up!

"I am now much more aggressive at the net"

I previously never realized how much of the court I can cover as the net player when I make smart aggressive moves. With the right footwork and positioning I can now be a lot more aggressive at the net!

Overall it was great that you explained tactical concepts but made sure we develop the technical skills to execute those concepts!

- Florian Dandl

Individual Results May Vary

Individual Results May Vary

"The technical quick fixes helped me play more aggressive"

The technical quick fixes helped my doubles game a lot. This allows me to be much more aggressive at the net and I can now finally execute aggressive doubles strategy with these skills!

- Gerhard Huber

Individual Results May Vary

Individual Results May Vary

You will see how I transform weak backhand volleys and weak backhand returns. These players had major breakthroughs in just 2 hours with this unique training method!

Bonus 2: High-Level Doubles Analysis

In this bonus video I analyze an entire set of 4 high-level doubles players. My commentary will be a real eye-opener to you!

Bonus 3: Return Of Serve Blueprint

Returns are crucial in doubles and as you know they are often a big problem at the club level. They are also very underpracticed and therefore I decided to give you my return of serve blueprint video course as a bonus for signing up to the doubles blueprint!

You will see winning aggressive doubles in action and I explain throughout the analysis how these players do what they do. You will see that the mistakes they make are actually similar to your mistakes!

Your return can go from a liability to a weapon in a short period of time with the return of serve blueprint. Check this out:

You will become a great returner with these simple step-by-step drills!

A clinic like this costs $350 per person and you get the entire clinic footage as a bonus!

This high-level doubles analysis bonus alone would usually cost $67

Learn the key technical elements to a great return of serve so that you can turn your return of serve into a real weapon rather than just a neutral shot!

The return of serve blueprint costs $97 alone and sold over 300 copies at that price when we launched it earlier this year!

Individual Results May Vary

Individual Results May Vary

Add To Cart!
Add To Cart!

Only 3 monthly payments of


The Doubles Blueprint

90 Day 100% Unconditional Money Back Guarantee 

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